Leaders Answer Their Emails

Leaders answer their emails.

I’m in a particularly ornery mood this month! Maybe it’s the slow start of the Orioles in the new baseball season. Maybe I’m tired of telling some of the trainers at my local gym that they’re not failures and to not totally buy-in on all the

Clients Depend on You…and You on Them

Prepare to walk the long road with your clients and lead with lessons learned.

I’ve been blessed to have many mentors over the years. One who stands out is Hines Brannan, my former boss during my years working at Accenture, a large management consulting company. Though I haven’t worked for Accenture 

Upcoming Leadership Development Events With Giant Leap Consulting

upcoming workshops and events with Giant Leap Consulting

At Giant Leap Consulting, we offer powerful ways to strengthen teams, develop leaders in your company, strategically plan to help your organization succeed. The following are private and public events coming up in the next few months for Giant Leap

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Look Me In The Eye!

Greetings GLC readers! I hope 2018 is going well as you continue to work on all those resolutions you promised yourself you would improve upon, with being a better “communicator” as your #1. If not, it should be, because as leaders, your ability