How to Choose a Mentor

The benefits of having a mentor are big. A survey of Fortune 500 companies found that 96% of executives credited mentoring as an important development tool and 75% said mentoring played a key role in their career success. But how do you get a


While on an epic vacation to Spain a few summers ago I learned a valuable leadership lesson from my kids. My son began singing the “Bubbily’ Boo” song while we were waiting at a bus stop one day. We all joined in, singing the song

Catch Them off Guard

Inspiring creativity and imagination often requires disrupting people’s mental routine and catching them off guard. For example, a large manufacturer of paper plates held a series of marketing meetings. For people who spent most of their working

Consider Your Words

Sometimes just making small language shifts can have a huge impact on how people define themselves and their roles. The owner of a $5 billion construction company wanted his division heads to do less managing and more leading. For decades, the

Leadership – Where to Start?

What is the starting point of leadership? A lot of people are confused by this. In working with thousands of leaders, I hear this all the time. I once had dinner with a 33 year old young man about to take over a 3rd generation company. Just like a