The Courage To Make Mistakes

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Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, shares a story from her childhood – a perspective that helped her build a company with just $5000 and turn it into an international retail powerhouse.

Each weekend, her dad would sit down and ask Sara and her brother one question, a question that helped her learn how to “fall forward” both personally – and later on, as a leader of a multi-billion-dollar company.

His question? What have you failed at this week?

If you never extend yourself to the point of failure, you’re never going to amount to much. Tweet This!

If you want your people to innovate and use their imagination – learn to increase your tolerance for some degree of making honest mistakes.

Hear the full story, plus two ways to immediately put this into practice, in this 2 minute video.

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Bill Treasurer is the Chief Encouragement Officer at Giant Leap Consulting. He is the author of the bestselling books Courage Goes To Work and Courageous Leadership. He is also the author of Leaders Open Doors, whose royalties are being donated to programs that support children with special needs » Learn More

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