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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings…Yuck!

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Meetings, meetings and more meetings. Ever feel like you are perpetually in a state of meetings? In my consulting work, I hear this complaint a lot. You’re not alone if you feel meetings are a waste of time or that they leave you with no time to

How to Choose a Mentor

The benefits of having a mentor are big. A survey of Fortune 500 companies found that 96% of executives credited mentoring as an important development tool and 75% said mentoring played a key role in their career success. But how do you get a

Taking A Velvet Hammer To Time-Wasting Meetings

I was speaking with a friend recently who is at his wits’ end about how his weekly staff meeting runs. He is already doing a lot of things right. He creates and circulates an agenda in advance. He emphasizes the start and end times of the